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9 reasons why Pushkar Mela is must visit once a lifetime


The very known Pushkar Mela is celebrated every year in the month of October- November, around full moon night of Hindu month Kartik or the Kartik Purnima. The seven day long fair is a preparation of months and attracts masses of tourists from all around the world.

Pushkar Mela has various reasons that make it world famous.

1. Largest camel trading fair in the world:

Pushkar Mela: Largest camel trading fair in the world:
Pushkar Mela: Largest camel trading fair in the world:

Nomads, herders and visitors come together here in large numbers for buying and selling livestock. Not only camel but it is the market for the trading of all kinds of livestock. This would be the only one-time experience to see thousands of camels and cattle together at a place like this.

2. Dive into different colors of hot air balloons:

hot air balloons in Pushkar Mela
hot air balloons in Pushkar Mela

Numbers and vibrant colors of hot air balloons will give your eyes an amazing view in both the ways, either while flying in one or viewing it all on the deserts of Pushkar city. It is great to have a panoramic view of that pretty cultural crowd from one of those balloons. Also a must activity to collect wonders in your camera.

3. Unusual and bizarre competitions:

Unusual and bizarre competitions in pushkar mela

You will feel weird about yourself knowing about the competitions that take place here at Pushkar Mela. The longest mustaches competition, turban tying, ‘matki phod’ are some of them. These will gift you unforgetful memories for your lifetime.

4. Collection of some new items for shopaholics:

new items to shop at pushkar mela

The place is enormous for buying and filling your bags with colorful Rajasthani souvenirs. Those colored ‘ghagra –choli’, ‘pagdis’ and ‘juttis’ will definitely catch your eyes and help you prepare for the coming festive seasons.

5. Fusions of band performances:

Fusions of band performances at pushkar mela

Hey there all music lovers, the place can surprise you with many world famous band performers, performing with cultural fusion here. Well-known artists and performers from all corners of the world reach out at Pushkar Fair for live band shows with full on fusions.

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6. Camel- cart ride:

Camel-cart ride at pushkar mela

Do go for a camel ride or beautifully decorated camel- cart ride here. It will give you the touch of kings and queens from ancient. And the camel ride in deserts is never a ‘no’.

7. Finest Rajasthani Cuisine:

Finest Rajasthani Cuisine at pushkar mela

Also not a disappointment for the ‘foodie’ inside you. This is a one hand opportunity for you to please your taste buds with all sorts of Rajasthani cuisine. Kachori, Churma and many more are must try at the fair.

8. Desert Camping:

Desert camping at pushkar mela

Camping is a forever fun and then night under the stars on the cold dusky desert is an ad on for enjoyment. Groups dancing, singing and staying together will be everlasting in your hearts.

9. A composition of Culture:

Composition of Culture at pushkar mela

Rajasthan is full of immense pleasurable activities and the Pushkar Mela is the place where it comes all together. Puppet shows, ‘kalbeliyas’, desert kite flying and many more. You get chance here to be the part of it. It is the event you can touch the originality of Rajasthan.

So if this is your first trip, do read our article “Tips, Advice & Plannings for your first trip

Tips, Advice & Plannings for your first trip


Traveling every time comes with a lesson. With lots of memories and fun the place always leaves its mark of experience. Although it is always your attitude how you carry things, but a little help while trying something new is never no. Here’s a small effort from our end to make your trip better to best.

Look for the quick hot short tips for your first trip:

1. Do not over book!!

Yes, everybody knows that traveling to a new place could be a challenge without things be pre- planned, but do keep some space to change your itinerary according to the situations there. Book for the big things or for the initials. But further leave chance of flexibility to experience better.

2. Decide your destination and research:

While deciding to head for a holiday, be sure with the destination you choose. Also move up with some research of a place you are traveling to. The weather, area, safety and many on the list can make or break the reason of your fun. So do know about the destination of your travel.

3. Always travel with handy medical kit and insurance.

Consult your doctor before leaving for a new place with a prescription of medical kit to carry. It is always good to be loaded with the utilities at a new place. Travel insurance is a help regarding any losses you face in a new place. But do make sure to know the activities and purpose of the insurance you are buying from the company because all travel insurance does not serve every case of travel loss.

4. Make challenges to yourself:

Do not make the trip boring and all smooth. Enhance your travelling experience by challenging yourself. Go for adventure, try the locals, get erotic, taste the originality. Roam out of your comfort zones, stretch yourself for making it worth for your lifetime.

5. Stay patient:

Hold on and take a deep breath. There could be problems and situations of panic. You can get robbed or miss a bus or a train. Whatever the situation come, handle it patiently. It is not always good to be annoyed and angry. These will give you much more to experience for.

6. Oh yeah!! Carry etiquettes. Its mandatory!!

Wherever you go all through the world, respect is what works everywhere. Do not lose your manners being on holiday. Your behavior works, use them. Positive attitude and manner does not have language or space barrier so make it right to get right.

7. Go local:

You will get to know more about a place by interacting with locals. None of google can be much more authentic than the locals. Trust them, learn local words, make new friends. Knowing locals is to know more about a place. It will make your experience rich.

There is always much to learn and it can head to a long list but staying positive and excited is the only tip that will work forever. I am sure your experience can come with something new to learn in tip count. Thus, travel more, learn more!!


Traveling might go tough sometimes bringing you in difficulties. To make a new place up to your comfort level you can also look for some travel safety tips for your first successful travel.

5 Best Water Sports Destination in India

Image Source: Google

Water Sports Destinations in India: When summers on the door, water is the only source and then it’s a big yes if comes to adventure mixed with water. India has made a remarkable growth in water adventure sports in coming years. Few destinations have increased its tourism market by coming into the list of water sports destinations. Check it out which is still to cover in your travelling list with the sports left:

1.White Water Rafting in Rishikesh

Source: Google

The renowned destination for white water rafting in India is Rishikesh. Although there are many more in the list but Ganga River giving the natural bumps and cliffs at Rishikesh is still the best case of adventure. Get some splash of water there.

2. Water Sports in Goa

Source: Google

Known to be the water sport capital of India. Majorily every water fun could be caught in Goa attracting large mass of tourists all through the year. Water scooter, banana ride, bumper ride for the thrill or under water trips through snorkeling and diving. Even rafting is not left here, check it out at Mhadei River. You can also try kayaking, sailing, surfing, etc according to your grades of training and experiences.

3. Surfing in Kanyakumari

Source: Google

It is the most recommended destination for surfing in India. The good waves make Kanyakumari best for surfing. Shake up yourself in the hides of tides. Being the beach side destination, it is also place to snorkeling and scuba diving.

4. Bamboo Rafting Wayanad

Source: Google

Tried rafting? Now try it out in newer way. Wayanad is known for its unique style bamboo rafting for pleasant and spectacular views through calm river stretch. Make it once for a soothing and relaxing experience.

5. Snorkeling & Scuba diving Andaman Island

Image Source: Google

Another hub for the water sport activities is here. From snorkeling and scuba diving to how about a walk under water?? You can get everything here..!! It gives water activities a newer turn. Andaman is the only place in India where you can visit under water through a semi submarine. Also glass bottom boat is another good form of visiting underwater without getting wet.

Mumbai Street Food: 8 best things to eat in Mumbai

Aamchi Mumbai, the city of dreams is not only busy with fast running lives of people there. Ever tried to look it from the other side? Take out time for small deep breath coz this city is always busy working and check out the yum side of ‘Mumbaikars’.

The red bull for people of Bombay lies in its food story. Check it out with this picture story. Let’s see can you resist your tastebuds looking at it or will run on any of its stall.

8 best street food to eat in Mumbai

1. Vada Pav: Lifeline of Mumbai.

Source: Social Media

2. Pav Bhaji & Tawa Pulao: Make your drives mouth- watering.

Source: Social Media

Source: Social Media

3. Ice Gola: Not only the old Kala- Khatta and Red Juice. Try new milk- malai golas in chocolate, ice- blue, strawberry and many more flavours.

Source: Social Media

4. Bhajia: Kanda Bhajia and Tea makes the perfect evening here

5. Bhelpuri-Sevpuri: Beach side walk at juhu and then chatak bhel puri and sev puri… ahaa!! Life is wonderful because of food.

Source: Social Media

6. Ragda Pattice: Combination of soft and spicy pattice. Mumbai streets are rich with flavours.

Source: Social Media

7. Bombay Sandwich: Now can be found everywhere with the same name. Must try at the place of its origin.

Source: Social Media

8. Falooda: Kuch meetha ho jae se meetha hona jaruri hai when its glass of falooda.

Source: Social Media

Tungnath-Chandrashila Trek: Pack up for the peak

Recent visit for the Tungnath-Chandrashila trek summit guided me with the newer phase of trekking. Always read and heard of weather disturbing the routes and resulting in unfulfilled plans, but this time I got to know it deeper. The pretty beautiful rain and hails on heights might give us the pleasure of cold but could be exactly very dangerous on our walkways. But I will not deny with the fact that despite of heavy rains the little hope of sunshine always brightened the day once. We walked our ways cheering up with the blooming spring through the forest ways from Deoriatal to Chopta. Routes of Chandrashila connect up with the hindu pilgrimage spot of Lord Shiva.

Tungnath Temple

Tungnath Temple

It is termed to be the highest Shiva temple in the country. According to mythology the temple is known as the ‘Tritiya Panch Kedar’ depicting the story of Pandavas from Mahabharata, searching for Lord Shiva to convince him for the guilt of killing their brothers, Kauravas.

Route Illustration:

Route Illustration to Tungnath-Chandrashila trek

Illustration is actually the perfect term while moving in the laps of mountains because it proves that how beautifully the nature has illustrated itself. Curves, streams, mountains surrounding rich vegetation, birds and flora, it is a wholesome package. The trek to Chandrashila is via Deoriatal, Chopta between the lush green forests, best in springs with pink beauty. Large eagles in the skies flying between mountains giving picturesque view to capture and save it in your memories forever. Moving on to the height look for the clouds coming on your way with you and let you feel for the breezers around you. Ahh!! How can I go forward without sharing about Himalayan Magpies near my campsite, one pretty evening. Such a beauty it was with the vibrant colours. Every time I visit such places, help me prove that nature is the answer to all the stress of our lives.

Unfulfilled Trek:

Heavy Rainfall during Tungnath-Chandrashila trek

Heavy rainfall and bad weather conditions with all white out and hail could not support us for the summit to the Chandrashila Peak. We did it till Tungnath Temple (12,073ft.) from where it was just the distance of 1km left to reach the top of Chandrashila but decided to get back from there. The peak is of 13,000ft but still we could not win it. This is the story of mountains, you cannot ever conquer them until the mountain itself want you to do that. Although I left with the summit this time, but I returned with the rich, healthy experience for my lifetime.

5 reasons to pack up for your trip to Kashmir Ki Waadis.

Kashmir, The title of story is in itself magical. As we read out this place or think of it, brings the glimpse of Kashmir being the only heaven on Earth. But not only the views and weather there, the city will leave you with many reasons to fall in love. Every season has something different to offer you. We will give you reasons to pack up for your trip to Kashmir Ki Waadis.

Check out the list of varieties you get there:

1. Skiing:

May be the most common reason to visit Kashmir will be skiing. The best ski- resort in India is at the terrains of Gulmarg, giving you the extra- ordinary feeling of fun with snow. You can get various ski- packages in Gulmarg.

Best time: Mid January to Mid March.

2. Mountaineering:

Trekking, rock- climbing, rappelling or be it any of those mountain activities are forever a chance from Kashmir, being close to mountains from all the sides. Kashmir has various peaks of Pir Panjal Ranges and Himalayas to experience the flavor of climbing in Kashmir.

Best Time: April to June

3. Tulip Festival:

This time will prove the beauty of Kashmir flaunting in different colors. The festival welcomes the blooming season of tulip at the Siraj Garden, the largest tulip garden in Asia. The place at the right time will leave you mesmerized for the lifetime. It is generally a 15 day festival when the tulips are in best of their views.
Best time: Spring Season generally between Mid March to April.

4. Golfing:

Kashmir offers the most scenic golf course in the valleys of Gulmarg and Srinagar. Golf within the shades of Chinar and Pine, leave the golf lovers mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty and weather surrounding the sport. Golf course in Kashmir feels like icing on the cake.

Best time: April to November

5. Rafting and Shikara Ride:

Water bodies too have something to gift you on the tour of valleys in Kashmir. Shikara Ride at Dal Lake is unique experience leaving you in the laps of nature. While rafting at River Lidder in Pahalgam will give you goose bumps of cold chilled out weather which will be a speechless experience for your lifetime.