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How to book cheap flights and hotels?


Your destination could be far but pocket-friendly travel is not far now. Here to my traveling fellows, no need to wait for discounts and sales. Stop wasting your time waiting and checking for good fake deals from various websites and sellers. Get up smarter and look up for these few tips. Because your vacationing need not stop. So If you want to know how to book cheap flights and hotels you are at the right place.

• Stop yelling! Your search should be your new secret.

Always when you search for flights, your cookies and server details are automatically saved. This result in higher price every next time you will search for the same. They use the scary marketing method to make you book early. Do not panic and act smartly as them. Always use private browsing or incognito mode while you are searching for flight booking through Chrome or Safari. Open a new incognito window for all your searches. Do not let the sellers know about Skyscannert your repetitive searches and get the best prices at your time.

Make it fast and book hotels & Flights cheaper.png

• Make it fast. Book soon.

This could be irony to my first point. But yes, book early to get best prices. Booking in advance will always result in good discounted rates. Book your hotels and flights as soon as you confirm with your travel plans.


5 reasons to pack up for your trip to Kashmir Ki Waadis.

• Book in the mid weekdays.

You will always get a difference in airfares and hotel rates when you search and book on Tuesdays, Wednesdays while that too on Saturdays and Sundays. And the same goes for the dates of traveling and staying too. Thus you need to look for the correct time of booking and traveling. Flexibility with days can leave you lot of money.

• Try booking hotel directly.

The mid working websites may give you great deals but for sure must be earning some profits for themselves. Thus, to save your pocket, directly search and contact to hotels for booking. Ask for best discounts and pay directly. Even try the direct website booking in case of flights too.

Stay Flexible with dates

• Stay flexible with dates.

Always search for the rates with flexible dates. Or look for the rates selecting the dates of the whole month in preference. This will help you in comparing and searching for best prices.

• Compare before booking.

Comparison before final booking is a must. Go and search through various websites and confirm. There are now websites like Trivago and Skyscanner which makes comparison easier. Look for all deals together and compare for the best one according to your choices.


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How to become tourist guide in India?

How to Become a Tourist Guide in India

The job of a tourist guide always sounds to be interesting and fun. Yes, it might be one but not that easy. Roaming different places every day, interacting with new groups, new languages, new tradition and many more need hard work too. The job may look cool in today’s office culture but it is not. I won’t burn your desires to be a tourist guide, you will surely love this profession if understood the work culture and polish yourself, being one. You need to work hard for this too. Sorry for showing it not much easy but will not shatter your dreams. To become a tourist guide is of course fun and full of experiences. We try to provide the help you need to be the tourist guide in India. Here are answers to your questions on the way to how to become a tour guide in India.

Qualifications required to become tourist guide:

The job of tourist guide is very challenging and needs preparation. There are many institutes and universities which run certificate and diploma courses for tourist guide. These courses provide you all the knowledge about sites, historical monuments and destinations with the facts the places hold. Also, the course includes practical knowledge to enter the market. But now most of the companies and several states of India have made it mandatory to own the license approved by Ministry of Tourism to work officially and permanently as a tourist guide. The government provides the license to regional level tourist guide and also runs Regional Level Guide Training Program (RLGTP). These programs and training sessions are conducted under the guidance of Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management (IITTM) or other government recognized institutes. The course trains the person about the knowledge of places and regions, management ethics for the group, aspects of handling challenges and knowledge of policies.

Source: Ministry Of Tourism

Eligibility to apply for the tourist guide course:

Fluency in English speaking, graduates in any discipline. The degree and diploma in travel, hospitality and archaeology is an add-on. Also, preference is given to those with the knowledge of any foreign language. The course requires the minimum age of 20 years.

A written test is conducted for selection, which comprises:

  • General Knowledge
  • History
  • Knowledge of tourist destination, monuments and sites.

Personal Characteristics required for tourist guide:

Not only knowledge works every time, the job of tourist guide demands more than that. This follows:

  • Pleasing, positive personality.
  • Good communication skills with a narrative way of explaining things.
  • Always updated and keen to know more.
  • Extrovert and friendly nature.
  • The ability of problem-solving and helpful nature.
  • Physically fit and must have basic knowledge of first- aid.

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Other aspects of tourism jobs:

If anyhow you fail to become a tourist guide, do not bother. If your heart connects to tourism and you need to be in touch with traveling, your door does not close after tourist guide. There are many more options for jobs in the field of tourism.

Here is a quick look at the list of tourism jobs:

Travel Agent:

Do not only travel alone, make the world travel with you. You can be the middleman. Arrange the travel facilities like airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc. to the public on behalf of service providers.

Tour Operator:

Take challenges and earn experience in the travel field. Come out as an entrepreneur. Become a tour operator. Own the services for the betterment of tourists.


It is a large field of the carrier in itself. Try your hand out in hotels and restaurants.
Airlines: If not only land, you want to conquer the skies then this is your world. There are many job opportunities in airlines too.

These are the few options that will keep you in the world of travel, keeping you in touch with your desire of traveling from time to time. Stay tuned to know more and let us know your queries, further in such fields. We answer to them too.

Review: Adventure course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering- A must on your list.

Working: Creative ways to save money while traveling

Creative ways to save money while traveling

Traveling to new places is forever yes! But dad’s pocket is not always loving and friendly supporting you in all your plans. We need to look for some healthy creative ways to save money while traveling. You do not always need to postpone your plans being short of money. It is how smartly you conquer the problem of saving money to travel. You actually need to be smart enough to travel and not only wallets full of money. We have some ideas to lend you on how to save money to travel. Take a look:

Saving demands committed relationship.

If your love for traveling is really true. Show it. Save money is the foremost option. Saving is difficult. Of course but will give you richer results, when you come back from your lately planned trip. I bet it will shower much more love than your commitment with all your girlfriends! Earn extra, reduce your expenses, kill your demands, save
shamefully. Coz goddamn! You gonna chill with that money.

Budget your life and your trip.

To save money we have some steps too. Keep an eye on your lifestyle. Note it and know your expenses. Cut out yourself from your worthless expenses. Later know the plan of your trip and budget it accordingly. Plan your trip wisely. Know your expense. Start savings according to the required budget of your trip.

Connect with locals and turn local.

Try to be in contact and friend with locals. They will help you out with cheaper ways for all. Also, they are a great source of knowledge of the place. Travel like locals. Use public transports. Not only, will save money. It will also share authenticity to your travel experience.

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Find Travel Partner.

Your partner can be your savior. This idea will help you out in money shares at places while traveling. Food, transport, accommodation all expense could be lesser because of your handful partner.

Overnight Journeys are a great idea too.

This will help you save some pocket in accommodation expense. Sleep while you are traveling through transports. This will save your time and expenses too.

Look for offers and discount coupons.

Travel when no one is traveling. This will give you all offers and discounts to get more. This needs searches and mind to look for the real profit you are actually getting out of it. Do not rely on every offer coz it could be a hoax. And try to book most of the things directly on your own. Depending on the third party will cut your pocket.

Go for cheap stay ideas.

There are hostels, guesthouses which can accommodate cheaper rates. Also do not book it in advance, if not going on a rush place. Sometimes you may get cheaper rates on instant bookings. You can look for Couchsurfing too. It is to stay with locals. This adds-on for the authentic and more knowledgeable trip. Or another good option is to go camping if you have stuff.

Try to earn while traveling.

Based on your skills try to look for ways of earning while traveling too. This will act as helping hand at tours. Check out and think of such ideas. Earn extra and travel better.

Do not give up on your dream of traveling.

Yes, this is the most important factor. It may be a long, difficult journey before you actually go for your awaited trip. But make it sure, this will be worth of all your sacrifices you do. Stay focused on your dream to travel. Dream more to achieve more.

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Review: Adventure course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering- A must on your list.

Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is known to be the most prestigious mountaineering institute in our country and around the world. Keeping an eye to the view of promoting mountaineering and adventure sports amongst the young generation with the thought of environment conservation, the institute is a great initiative from Government. It is the first mountaineering institute following to presently many private and government-controlled institutes with the same motive. Established on 14th November 1965 in Uttarkashi, on the name of first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, to pay honor to his love for mountains and nature.

About adventure course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering:

Although the institute runs various courses related to mountains with a high level of technicality and expertise. The adventure course at NIM is bliss amongst all of them to show your love for mountains. It’s a 15-day package of activities and training. Helps to learn and know more about mountains filled with a bag full of adventure activities. Adventure course will provide you with the basic knowledge regarding the maximum activities. Comes in this list are

  • rappelling
  • rock climbing
  • trekking
  • river crossing
  • bush crafting
  • a map locating in mountains and forests
  • camping

and many more to catch your excitement to learn and know all 15 days. Not only a hand in activities but with all the basic theoretical and technical knowledge to live in mountains. Also, the campus has various activities areas. Oh yeah! You will also get movie sessions.

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How to apply for Adventure Course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering?

Certificate : Adventure Course at NIM
Certificate: Adventure Course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

The course runs in various batches for men, women and mixed too between the age of 14- 40 years in good health. The course can be easily applied through institute’s official website. The website is very user- friendly. Which provide you with the course details and schedule of batches on yearly basis. To apply for the course, there are two forms. First is the application form and other the medical form. The medical form is a time taking process.

Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Fees

The adventure course at the institute runs on a fee of just INR 4000/-. Which includes

  • Staying at hostel and camps from Institute for 15 days,
  • Transportation expense within the course
  • Meals for 15 days,
  • Technical equipment required

and many more on the list with great training under friendly staffs building a good sense of discipline. Also, the courses at NIM are very demanding and works at limited times a year. Thus you might get waiting list when you try. But have patience man! Coz it would gonna be worthwhile all your wait. But then you have options of other institutes too for the same course.

Badge ceremony: Adventure ceremony at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering
Badge ceremony: Adventure ceremony at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

Why a must on everyone’s list?

Adventure course is those best 15 days which will give you positive, new reasons for your life. Mountains and nature always turn to be great in bringing positivity and course help you provide that with an add-on to your desire of indulging in adventure activities. The campus itself has a lot of man- built activities and also they take you in the real world for natural ways of experiencing. It is the place where you come above your fear, be it in any way within you. Also with the group of trainees who will come up to be in your batch will become your new family giving you lots of memories and friends for your lifetime.

The course will not only help you get the best of knowledge in adventure activities but also provide you life- lessons of moral, ethics, discipline and for sure increase your love for nature if you already have. And if you do it after your school and college life being busy in your work stress, this course will be the moment to cherish your life back from those days. Although being from my part of experience it could be best to do to get a whole lot of things on a single door and that too, on a very affordable price. The campus is well built in the laps of mountains.

Clean environment and about food, what to say, you may get tired of eating but they won’t get tired of providing and serving best meals, every time. Also, the campus has a friend zoned canteen too, to hang- out with your new friends. This was all I could share my experience on the course in a minimum of words I could try but I am sure it won’t go wrong in your experience too. I could still feel best from my heart thinking of those days.

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Through my experience looking for overall I received from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, it will be 4.5*/5* and I leave this 0.5* in the ways how you come back from there. A very budget- friendly trip with adventure, fun, friends and love for nature and mountains.